Steel sheeting, move aside…there is a better game in town from Crane Materials!

Vinyl & FRP Sheeting

Vinyl & FRP Sheeting

Crane Materials International (CMI) has revolutionized the sheet piling industry with their Shoreguard (Vinyl Sheet Piling) and UltraComposite (Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer sheet piling) products. Most seawalls, bulkheads and water control structures are made of steel, concrete, or treated wood, but these materials face a number of design and service issues. Steel rusts, is expensive and requires endless maintenance. Steel is also often coated with toxic chemicals to extend the service life, which can be harmful to the immediate environment. Concrete structures are subject to deterioration through settling, cracking, or the corrosion of the reinforcing steel.

Pile Claw Installation

Fiberglass Sheeting (FRP) Installation

Often, additional deep foundations are required when using concrete adding unnecessary additional expenses. Treated wood leaches toxic chemicals, can be damaged by UV exposure, and is eventually compromised by fungus, bacteria, termites, or marine borers in brackish and saltwater. On the other hand, ShoreGuard and UltraComposite provide cost-effective and sustainable building materials for seawalls and other sheet piling structures that can be installed easier and provide a long service-life without toxic coatings or preservatives. These products are corrosion resistant, UV resistant and impervious to marine worm activity which has made it the top choice for engineers and contractors worldwide.

Driving any sheet piling material to significant depths or in difficult soil conditions is a challenging task, but the PileClaw Installation Equipment allows Vinyl and FRP sheeting to be successfully used in many different driving conditions, even at depths up to 70 feet! PileClaw is CMI’s proprietary steel mandrel installation technology, incorporating patented features to improve the installation of ShoreGuard and UltraComposite synthetic sheet piling. PileClaw Mandrels are compatible with traditional driving equipment including cranes, excavators and Mobilram pile drivers. There are several PileClaw lengths and sizes specifically fabricated to work with multiple sheet profiles and lengths. With an adjustable width, the PileClaw DriveGuide can work for a variety of sheet piles and Mandrels to improve installation. Its built-in system helps keep sheets aligned and plumb during installation, taking stress off the interlocks. The PileClaw DriveGuide increases the rate of installation, holding sheet piles in the ground during extraction. This tool also reduces labor time in the field, thanks to easy on-site assembly.