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PaveDrain Permeable Articulating Concrete Block


Sometimes the perfect product gets matched to the perfect project, and this is what happened at the Ford Automotive Plant in Louisville, KY. Designer, Luckett & Farley, was searching for a solution for this project which needed to collect the 1st inch of rainfall off 855,000 square feet of pavement and infiltrate it into very low permeable soils under the existing parking lot.

This required a permeable pavement system that could infiltrate and store a whopping 533,000 gallons of stormwater! But that was not all, it also needed to hold up to H20 loading, be extremely easy to maintain, and the entire project including utilities, grading, milling, pavement overlay and permeable pavement needed to be completed within 6 months.

Keeping this extreme project schedule on target, 86,000 square feet of PaveDrain was produced, shipped and installed in 3 months throughout the winter of 2011-2012. The ability of PaveDrain to be cable-tied into large 8′ x 36′ mats was a huge advantage to the General Contractor, Angelo Iafrate, who installed all PaveDrain with their own forces.