Site Supply Has Solutions For Construction In & Around Surface Water On Rivers, Streams, Lakes & Ponds

UX Slope on RiverThere are many soil issues when it comes to construction in and around surface waters such as rivers, streams, lakes and ponds. Most of these issues revolve around erosion & sediment control, scour protection, foundation support and groundwater management. Site Supply features a full line of products that sediment in its tracks. We have provided products an solutions on small and large scale projects involving water including stream restoration, bank stabilization, bio-engineered slopes and contour projects, bridge abutment and pier scour protection, channel erosion protection, bridge and culvert installation, hydro-electric plant construction, Port Authority projects, US Army Corp dam and levee projects, pond leakage projects, etc.

For example, we have the ability to supply rock filled gabion baskets, geogrid mattresses, or particulating concrete blocks for hard armoring toe of slopes at normal pool elevations where there is high potential for severe scouring. The vegetated coir logs we provide create a perfect solution for transitioning from the hard armor to a soft armoring on the slope lengths above normal pool. Then, our biodegradable and non-biodegradable erosion control blankets serve as the perfect soft armor protection needed for the the remainder of the slopes towards the crest of the banks.

We also have provided geogrid composites (geotextiles sewn to geogrids) that are fabricated into extra wide rolls, up to 45′ wide, which get deployed into deep river waters for separating underlying soils from large rip rap that gets placed directly on top of the product. Doing this, eliminates the need for placing increasing graded sand and aggregate layers beneath the large rip rap that would also serve as separation. This saves a lot of construction time and money!

Or, you could go with pre-filled Triton Geogrid Mattresses instead of placing large rip-rap over a geogrid composite. These geogrid mattresses will have a geotextile sewn to the bottom, and compartments ready for rock filling on dry land. Once the compartments are filled with rock, the top layer of geogrid is flipped over and braided to the compartments to create a fully encapsulated system which can be lifted by one or both ends and easily lowered into place off a floating barge or from the shoreline.