Construction Materials for Oil and Gas Site Stabilization

Oil-Gas-WellpadIn the search for new oil and gas fields, the importance of safe, stable, and environmentally compliant access is paramount. SiteSupply offers a host of solutions for your oil and gas site needs. From access roads and worksite stabilization to hazardous waste containment, our materials and products are engineered to reduce construction time, require fewer construction materials, extend service life with minimal maintenance, and meet or exceed all safety and environmental regulations. With a history of past success on oil and gas projects, and a level of expertise and customer service that is unparalleled in the industry, SiteSupply and its manufacturers are a superior choice to help you manage your oil and gas site stabilization project.

Stabilization of Access Roads, Drill Pads, and Working Platforms

Innovative construction materials allow for fast installation of stable access roads and drill sites, even on soft, variable terrain. SiteSupply offers the full range of Cellular confinement, BX & TX geogrids, and Geotextiles for site stabilization. Tensar produces TriAx geogrids for roadway and site stabilization that reinforce unbound subsurface layers to create a mechanically stabilized layer (MSL) upon which to build a roadway or work site. The MSL increases the bearing capacity of the site, reduces the necessary thickness of the layer and requires a lower volume of fill material. The end result is an access road or worksite that can handle heavier equipment, and costs less time, money, and space to install. TriAx Geogrids are the latest and greatest (and patented) product from Tensar, and SiteSupply is the exclusive regional supplier of this innovative product.

Site Supply also carries a full range of Uniaxial geogrids that can be designed into embankment fills to steepen the slope angle of the face. Many times oil and gas drilling sites are located far away from populated and developed land and the sites can be pretty hilly at at times. Mechanical reinforcement of soil with UX geogrid is a great way to efficiently build haul roads, well pads, and containment ponds on oil and gas drilling sites that have ungulating and tight terrain.

Containing Contaminates

Avoid being the target of a hefty fine! Prevent the contaminates of your workplace from entering the local water supply and environment, and comply with local and federal regulations. SiteSupply offers a full range of Erosion & Sediment Control Products, Geomembranes and Liners, Drainage Geocomposites, and Stormwater control products to help you build and construct oil and gas well pads, containment ponds, and haul roads safely and in compliance.

We offer custom sized PVC & HDPE Liners that work well for your secondary containment and above ground water storage needs in oil and gas applications at shale fracking sites. The membrane and liner products we offer have been used in the field for decades, and have proven effective time and time again. Let our technical staff and expert engineers work with you to find the products and materials that will satisfy your needs and save you time, money, and hassle. Whether you need soil stabilization, or hazardous waste containment, SiteSupply can give you a material edge in a competitive marketplace.