What Site Supply Does for the Military and US Army Corp

Picture2-300x195Site Supply has deep experience with military and US Army Corp projects, and offers a variety of solutions to projects involving drainage, road stabilization, erosion control, and much more. Site Supply specializes in construction materials which reduce construction time, and overall construction cost.

Rapid deployment of Strong, Stable Unpaved Roads and Surfaces

Site Supply provides geogrids and cellular confinement systems (including Tensar TriAx Geogrid and Envirogrid) which are ideal for many military projects, including constructing access roads, roadways, parking lots, new runways and landing areas. The Military and US Army Corp often must quickly build roads on weak and variable ground. Site Supply can provide designs and installation assistance for geogrids which minimize construction time and maximize the use of local materials.

Haul Roads and Working Platforms

Heavy equipment paths and tank trails, both unpaved and paved, are essential for the Military. Site Supply recognizes that special consideration should be used when building pathways that carry extra weight of heavy equipment and tanks. Site Supply delivers design and installation know-how and an assortment of construction materials which will make construction faster and much easier for projects involving temporary roads, concrete pads, soil stabilization, water drainage solutions, and bridges.

Pavement Construction Using Fewer Materials (roads, airports, parking lots etc.)

All paved surfaces require continuous maintenance and rehabilitation resulting in substantial expense. Site Supply offers options which lessen how much maintenance and restoration is needed for pavement, and improves the pavement life. For example, geogrids enhance bearing capacity, decrease the amount of excavation required, and handle differential settlement. In addition, Site Supply provides TruPave engineered paving mats for increased tensile strength reinforcement which effectively counters reflective cracking, and extends the life span of pavement, particularly pavement that must bear heavy loads.

Better Stormwater Management

Site Supply provides a number of options for stormwater detention and drainage systems, along with numerous erosion & sediment control products; these include dewatering systems, drainage geocomposites, geomembranes & liners, concrete cloth, gabions, geogrid composites and mattresses, erosion control blankets, perimeter and inlet protection, turbidity barriers, permeable pavements, and storm piping & detention systems.

Whether you are designing or installing a military or US Army Corp venture, Site Supply’s expertise creating solutions for drainage, roadway stabilization, erosion management, stormwater management, and many other challenges will enable you to provide the most cost effective and durable solution possible. Call Site Supply today!