Landfill & Waste Containment

Geotextile Tubes

Geotextile tubes are an innovative method of dewatering waste and sludge by-products. Special geotextile fabric is fabricated and seamed into tubes of 3’ to 50’ in circumference by any length. Ports are fabricated into the tubes to allow the tubes to be pumped full. Sometimes polymers are added to the waste in order to flocculate the small particles together to form larger sizes in order to speed up the dewatering process. The water then pushes through the special geotextile fabric while the waste is held inside the tube. Once the waste is dewatered, the tubes can be cut open and the waste can be hauled off and disposed properly. Geotextile tubes are specially designed for each project and have been used in many projects including dewatering of contaminated sediment, fly ash, quarries, lakes and rivers and many other projects.

Geomembrane Liners

Geomembrane Liners are cost effective ways for Landfills, Ponds, Lagoons, Tanks and Secondary Containment sites to provide necessary barriers that are tear, puncture, and impact resistant even under stress. Geomembrane liners are important because they prevent toxic waste and chemicals from entering aquifers, rivers, and lakes and drinking water supply. Site Supply offers PVC, HDPE and LLDPE membranes as well as Geosynthetic Clay Liners (GCL’s) for any market, and we pride ourselves on the speed and proficiency of our delivery and installation support.

Landfill Expansion

Landfill space is at a premium due to planning restrictions, causing the need for vertical expansion of municipal waste and coal ash landfills. Tensar Uniaxial Geogrids are used for constructing mechanically reinforced soil slopes that can be constructed near vertical. This is perfect for adding landfill capacity (air space) of existing municipal waste landfills and coal ash containment ponds because it gives you the ability to create taller perimeter berms all inside the same footprint, making permitting and right of way issues much simpler.

Also, constructing and adding fill on top of an existing municipal waste landfill can be hazardous because the decomposition of underlying waste can create voids, and the potential for collapse. Site Supply agains offers a solution from Tensar in the form of UniAxial Geogrids. These geogrids reinforce the new lining system and span anticipated voids, allowing clients to safely extend the life of existing landfill sites by expanding capacity.

Ash Pond Capping

As you know, capping ash ponds takes extreme care during construction because of the unpredictability nature of ash. This is where Tensar TX geogrids come in to play. Tensar TX geogrids provide the factor of safety you are looking for as you spread and place fill over existing dry or wet ash ponds during capping operations, and allow you to keep constructing in areas when you typically would have to phase your operations due to excessive pore water pressure. Give Site Supply a call today to learn more about how Tensar geogrids can safely speed up your capping operations over ash ponds!

Surface Water Collection, Removal, and Drainage

Infiltration of rainwater into a capped landfill can cause many problems, including soil slippage, cap and/or lining ruptures, and increased leachate flow. Site Supply offers many products that are engineered for efficient surface water collection, removal, and drainage, such as Geotextile Tubes, Concrete Cloth®, Cellular Confinement, Turf Reinforcement Mats, Gabions, Geogrid Mattresses, and more. These products have a proven track record in the field, and come with our unparalleled customer service package.

Landfill Soil Veneer Stabilization

The landfill lining system is an integral component in environmental security. When used on sloped surfaces, landfill linings can be subject to excessive tensile strain from an overlying soil layer that has a tendency to slide. The potential for ruptures to the landfill lining can be mitigated with composite geogrids placed over the lining and anchored to the top of the slope. We offer excellent geogrid products from Tensar, which are engineered to safeguard the lining of your landfill.

Leachate Collection and Removal, Gas Venting

Site Supply offers a range of products to assist in gas venting and leachate collection/removal. Landfill gas can increase internal pressures, causing strain to liner and cap membranes. Fast leak detection is vital both to avoid a major breach to the liner system, and to limit the head pressures acting on the secondary liner. Utilizing Site Supply’s Geonets and high-flow Triplanar Geocomposites are great ways to channel fluids quickly to a detection location to prevent catastrophic and costly damage to a landfill system.

Whatever your landfill construction materials requirements, Site Supply offers the industry best in selection, know-how, and customer service. Our engineers can help you choose the products that will best suite your needs.