Cities, Counties & DOT’s Can Build Roadways, Streetscapes, and Utilities Faster, Cheaper And Using Less Materials

The American government spends billions of dollars every year constructing, maintaining, and rehabilitating our country’s roadways. In a time of tight budgets, it has never been more crucial to reduce costs associated with roadway development, while still delivering quality construction that will last well into the future.

KY-61-ARRA-Signage-300x199SiteSupply and its manufacturers have a strong history of success in roadway and pavement construction materials. The innovative products we offer increase safety factors and extend service life with minimal maintenance. At the same time, they reduce construction time and require less materials, which lowers project costs. SiteSupply works with several manufacturers to offer accurate budgeting of commodity and engineered systems, all while providing fast delivery and installation support in the field. Our service package is number 1 in the industry.

Here are some of the roadway products we offer for the Cities, Counties and Departments of Transportation, all of which are backed by our sterling reputation in the roadway and pavement construction materials industry.

Here are some of the roadway products we offer for the Cities, Counties and Departments of Transportation, all of which are backed by our sterling reputation in the roadway and pavement construction materials industry.

Tensar TriAx Geogrids

SiteSupply is the exclusive supplier of this product in OH, KY, and IN. TriAx Geogrids are the backbone of the Spectra System from Tensar, which improves the economics and performance of roadways by creating more robust roadbeds, while also allowing for faster roadway construction. TriAx Geogrids are quickly and easily installed with granular aggregate to create a mechanically stabilized layer (MSL) upon which to build a paved or unpaved road surface, without the need for extensive excavation and excess aggregate. The result is a roadway that is more economical to build, more durable, more predictable, and better performing.

TenCate TruPave Engineered Paving Mats

Owens Corning’s TruPave Paving Mats, distributed by TenCate and offered through SiteSupply, are designed for hot-mix paving applications over existing asphalt or concrete, or between layers of asphalt in new construction. This engineered mat is comprised of high-tensile fiberglass and polyester fibers which increases the overall strength of the roadway surface and prolongs reflective cracking in all directions. TruPave is installed with liquid asphalt to bond the existing surface to the new layer of hot mix asphalt, while serving as a moisture barrier to control reflective cracking and extend the life of the roadway.


SiteSupply offers geotextiles for soil stabilization and separation from a wide array of manufacturers. Geotextiles are synthetic fabrics that allow water to permeate while restricting soil and aggregate particles. They serve many purposes in roadway construction, including separation of soil and aggregate materials, reinforcement of embankments, and filtration/transmission of water into drainage systems. SiteSupply offers not only a wide selection of geotextiles from several manufacturers, but also the expertise and the know-how to help you decide which products are right for your application.

Highway Edge Drain

Highway drainage has come a long way from the traditional pipe and aggregate system. SiteSupply offers not only the most advanced drainage pipe materials, but also prefabricated drainage geocomposite systems that can reduce construction time and expense while outperforming older methods. All our roadway drainage products will help your construction project, be it a highway, roadway, or parking lot, manage storm-water runoff more efficiently.


SiteSupply is the exclusive supplier of this new and innovative permeable paving system for OH, KY, and TN. PaveDrain consists of articulating concrete blocks with an arch shape underneath. These arches not only increase the strength-to-weight ration of the blocks (arches are the strongest shape known to man), but also store the stormwater runoff in extreme weather conditions. Open 3/8″ gaps between the blocks allow high infiltration through the blocks and direct permeation of stormwater into a layer of #57 stone underneath, while complying with regulations from the Americans with Disabilities Act, and achieving status as a Best Management Practice (BMP) from USEPA for stormwater infiltration.

Let our engineers help you select the roadway and pavement construction materials that will best serve your needs. We can help you lower the costs and construction time of your project while increasing the quality of your work.